Thursday, July 14, 2005


Lately with 2 kids, I find I'm just getting annoyed with my dog. I think my dog means well, but he's just digusting. For example, when ever I try to change one of the kids diapers, Monty (our dog) is always has to put his nose in it. I've always had bad luck with dogs.
My first dog was a shite zu named Tie. This was the most digusting dog ever. He would love to eat out of the cat box. He'd eat his own grap too (which in a way, he cleaned up after himself). It was pretty embrassing when he would go into other dogs yards and help himself to any grap in their yard. I really hated that dog because he destoryed all my Star Wars figures, which today would hold sentimental value as I try to introduce Star Wars to my son.
We owned that dog for a couple of years and then dropped him off on a farm (I can't remember if that farmer wanted him or not). After Tie, we tried our luck again, this time with a cocker spanel named Casey.
Casey would pee before anybody that came in the house. That was embarassing if you were bringing friends over. Casey would also eat anything. I remember one Christmas, she some how got our ham that was up on the counter, while we were at church. The Christmas after that, she managed to eat a whole bag of ferret food from my ferret that my future wife had given me. The dog had suffered from serve gas and we had to clear out the living room.
This brings me to my current dog Monty. He is probably the best dog I've had, but that isn't saying much. Frankly, I think I like cats better. It is tragic however that my wife is allegric to cats, and we will never own one.


GoldenSunrise said...

Being a cat lover, I am always glad to hear someone say that they like cats better than dogs.

Dogs are usually more hyperactive and that annoys me. I don't like being licked by dogs either. Especially now that I know your dog ate his own and others poop.

shakedust said...

Tragic indeed.

I like that dogs are loyal, but with that loyalty comes the need for attention.

Our cat can go without so much attention, kind of. She does follow Golden around a lot.

T said...

k...not to get off the subject, I really can't offer much because I'm not a cat or dog lover, I like cows! But......

Golden, dogs more hyper then a cat that runs circles in your living room just for fun!? I am not so sure that I've ever seen a dog do that before!

BTW, both the ladies I work for have dogs. They are big dogs. One of them, Murphy looks like a dog we had when I was a kid, Frisky. He is the only dog I've ever loved. He died.