Sunday, June 01, 2008

Woogy's first Beaver's Game

Today Woogy attended his first big sporting event--his first Portland Beaver's game. The Beavers are not exactly a major league team, but they are closest to a major league team in the area (In all honesty, they played better then the KC Royals did in all the games that I saw).

Anyway, to support little league baseball, the Portland Beavers gave out discounted tickets to dozens of little league clubs in the area. Hundreds of little leaguers showed up in their uniforms at the ball park today.

I decided to take Woogy hoping he would at least be interested in watching a inning or two. I thought this would be a memorable experience for him if nothing else. So we took the Max (the train) down to PGE park in downtown Portland and waited in line for a free jersey. Afterwards, I got a very messy, but delicious chili cheese dog. I wanted to teach Woogy that the joy in going to a baseball game is the snacks.

After the game got started, Woogy began to get into the game and asked a lot of questions and began to wonder why his T-ball team never gets any outs. We took a break for a few innings by playing some carnival type games, then went back to the game. Much to my surprise, Woogy wanted to stay till the end of the game and cheered for the home team when they won. I wasn't actually expecting his interest to last that long.

After the game, all the kids got to run the bases. On the way back, Woogy said he had a great time. I guess that is all you can ask for you first baseball game.


shakedust said...

I loved going to baseball games as a kid.

"I wanted to teach Woogy that the joy in going to a baseball game is the snacks."

That's the lesson the owners of the Portland Beavers wanted Woogy to learn as well. :) That really is a big part of the appeal of the game, though: delicious food.

One other thing. Why did you say that the Royals are a major league team? Do you know something that I don't? I thought the T-Bones were KC's major league team.

Portland wawa said...

I am glad Woogy enjoyed his game. He sure seemed excited when he got home.

I thought the Royals were major and the T-bones were minor league too.

GoldenSunrise said...

Sounds like a neat experience for Woogy. I can't wait until NJ is old enough to enjoy baseball games.

Achtung BB said...

I think Dust is being sarcastic

Dash said...

This is definately a good Dad-Moment. You get a gold star!

I remember taking Cman to a T-Bones game before we moved..... it rained out, but he had a blast.

Probably more than he would if we'd actually seen a game.