Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sledding at Mt. Hood

This weekend, we took a little afternoon trip to Mt. Hood (about an hour east of Portland). We wanted to take the kids for their first sledding experience. Believe or not, in 7 years, we never went sledding in Kansas or Iowa. The conditions at Mt. Hood are perfect for winter activities. We ended up just buying a couple of sleds when we got there and found some free places to ride down. Everything was fun at first, but Wah-Wah and Nibbles had a rough landing at one point and called it quits. Woogy and I went on and did a few more and slides. Since Nibbles didn't seem to enjoy herself, I might just take just Woogy back sometime. It's a nice escape from a rainy Portland afternoon.



Portland wawa said...

Nibbles doesn't like being cold. And she didn't have the proper boots and mittens like the rest of us did. Next time we'll know to avoid the hills with the bumps that make you sail through the air 2-3 feet.

f o r r e s t said...

"Next time we'll know to avoid the hills with the bumps that make you sail through the air 2-3 feet."

Those sound like the fun hills.

Who is that squealing in the background of the video. Is that you BB?

GoldenSunrise said...

Awesome pics! It looks like a great sledding environment.

Portland wawa said...

That's me. I had crashed earlier in the day and was barely walking. And this was the first time I went down this particular hill so I was quite anxious. Maybe I shouldn't go sledding.

shakedust said...

Yeah, that looks cool. There aren't too many places like that around here.

wendyjks said...

HI I came across your blog while searching for a family sledding spot. Do you recommend the place you went to? I have never been to Mt Hood and my girls really want to go sledding! Any advice or pointers you would like to share would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you