Monday, November 05, 2007

Another Halloween

Another Halloween has come and gone and this was our first Halloween in years were we didn't spend it at Overland Park First Assembly Hallelujah House. It's hard to break traditions and start new ones. It's not that I hate trick or treating, but the Hallelujah House was always a great alternatives for the kids. Unfortunately Imago Dei has no Hallelujah House (they don't even have a building to put one in). Instead every year they have Imago night at a Pumpkin Patch in Suavie Island.
Suavie Island a little island out in the middle of the Columbia river. I had heard so much about Suavie Island, but never actually visited it until last Monday night. The pumpkin patch had a huge corn maze that we decided to do. Wah-Wah was pretty smart in buying plastic bags to go on feet when we went in the maze. The mud was incredibility thick. I couldn't figure out were all the mud had came from since it hasn't rained in weeks.
The maze was pretty challenging and it just got harder as it got darker in the evening. There were a few clues scattered throughout the maze that if you answered correctly, it would point you in the right direction, but you had to know your Portland history. For example: the name of Portland was decided on a coin flip--what would the name have been if the coin landed on the other side? Turns out the answer is Boston, but I got it wrong and ended up getting more lost. By the time we completed the first half of the maze, Woogy had had enough and decided he didn't want to go anymore. I decided to go it alone for the second half. But just as I was leaving, I saw Nibbles following me.
As Nibbles and I set out on the second half of the maze, we soon discovered the mud was actually getting worse. I gave Nibbles a piggy back ride by this point as we proceeded to get more lost. At one point, I got completely stuck in the mud. My feet wouldn't move in the mud and I was using my hands to hold on to Nibbles. I knew I couldn't set her down in the mud since I could imagine how upset Wah-Wah would be. I stood there for a few minutes and just called for help. Eventually someone came and held Nibbles. With one push, I managed to pull my shoe off and my foot landed in the mud and began to sink. I then pulled and my other shoe and it came off. I ended up taking my socks off and carrying Nibbles through the rest of the maze barefoot. When I finally came out, a friend pointed out that I looked like Frodo walking through the mud barefoot. I think I will avoid the corn maze next year.

Here I am holding my shoes. I wasn't about to leave a $100 pair of Doc Martins out in the field.
Here's Nibbles in her Halloween custom. It kept her pretty warm.
Here's Woogy in his Mr.Incredible custom. Nice pose.


Portland wawa said...

I think we should skip the maze or go before the rainy season starts. I felt so bad, your feet must have been so cold.

GoldenSunrise said...

You looked kinda dressed up to be walking through a maze. The kids look cute in their costumes.

T said...

You did not look very happy there at the end! I can't say that I would blame you, barefoot in October would not be fun.

Kids looked like they had fun! :)

f o r r e s t said...

That is awesome! Your shoes getting stuck in the mud. I wish our cornmazes had quicksand and a few other traps and surprises - it would make things more interesting.

Great picture. This is what memories are made of.

shakedust said...

I wouldn't have thought of the mud when going into a corn maze. Bummer.

The kids look cute in their costumes.

Doc said...

Sometimes things that are initially unpleasant produce the fondest memories thereafter. I think the mud definitely adds to the fun. Good story, good photos.