Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Waterfalls

Lately we've started a little tradition of spending Saturdays hiking around the area. There are more hikes in Oregon than you can do in a lifetime, but not all are very "kid friendly". Wah-Wah has tried to find some in a handy book we got when we first moved here called "100 Hikes in Northwest Oregon."

This is Mirror Lake which is towards the base of Mt. Hood. Wah-Wah already blogged about this, but it's worth blogging again. It was a rather up hill hike to this natural lake and it is very isolated from everything else.
Here are the kids playing in the lake after we had our picnic. The water was a little chilly, but refreshing. Since it's kind of rocky, I couldn't go out very far because I have tender feet. I've got to get me some water shoes. It's nice to visit a fresh mountain lake that isn't polluted and is relatively clean.
Here's a picture of the Columbia Gorge that is right outside Portland. I took this picture at a little museum on top of the mountain. The Gorge is were all the out door action is including Multnomah Falls. They have cruises up the Gorge which I wouldn't mind taking someday.
Here I am at the bottom of Latourell Falls the other weekend. I love hiking to water falls because it gives you something to look forward to. Otherwise, you are just walking in the woods. Latourell Falls is about 250 foot waterfall. Pretty small to Oregon standards. It would have been cool to stand directly under the water fall.
Right up the road from Latourell Falls is Wahkeena Falls. This picture is the top of the 242 ft triple cascade. This is definitely one of the more pretty falls in the area. There were a number of photographers and artist in the area capturing this gorgeous waterfall. It kind of reminded me of Rivendale in Lord of the Rings.


Portland wawa said...

It was a nice waterfall. Where are we going this weekend?

shakedust said...

A new hike every weekend. I would think that finding kid-friendly hiking spots would be a challenge.

f o r r e s t said...

Why didn't you stand under the falls?

Write this down:
Keen - Newport
Those are the sandals you need for water and hiking. I've got a pair and I love them.

GoldenSunrise said...

awesome pics. something about you having tender feet made me laugh.

T said...

That is such a great thing to get to do as a family. Love the pics and envious of the waterfalls and the hikes. My bum ankle has put a stop to all hiking here for the time being. Maybe I'll be 100% in time for fall hikes--I hope.

Doc said...

Definitely one of the best things about the Pacific Northwest is all the outdoor stuff to do. You could never do it all in just one lifetime.