Monday, January 29, 2007

Art weekend at Imago

This weekend was art weekend at Imago. Our church put on a art show at the Urban Grind coffee house. On Friday, Michael Pritzel and Michael Roe did a acoustic show calling it "Roe vs. Pritzel." I almost missed this awesome performance but "A Forest " alerted me that it was in the area. Thank goodness he keeps up on Michael Pritzel better than I do.
I've seen Michael Pritzel perform many times (as the Violet Burning), but never acoustically, so this show was a real treat. This had to be the best performance I've seen. Michael Roe and Pritzel swapped songs off each other and it was great. I was impressed with Michael Roe even though I've never heard of him before. He was in a Christian rock band called the "77's". Both guys were hysterical and took jabs at each other all night. Michael did a great version of "Oceania" using a drum machine with hip-hop beats (I've never heard the song like that before). It was one of those shows that makes you fall in love with music again.
The next evening Imago Dei artist put on a show at the coffee house. I can't believe all the raw talent that Imago has. On the stage, there were musical acts , short films, and poetry readings. The walls were covered with paintings by local artist. They even had a kids play area so the kids didn't get bored. The evening was capped off by a brilliant dance performance of U2's "All I Want is You".
I would show pictures but I haven't figured out how to post pictures with my new camera yet.


shakedust said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. You didn't waste time getting a new camera. :)

f o r r e s t said...

Very cool! you are thriving. I saw michael pritzl do an acoustic show a cornerstone once and it was amazing. just him and a guitar, but it was really emotional.

The 77's were once on island records and they have a couple albums that I really love. Micael Roe can write some of the best songs i've ever heard but he also in his latter years likes to get all rock and bluesy. So between the rock and the blues you will find some amazingly beautiful songs.

My two favorite 77's albums are Sticks and Stones...and the album the everyone calls Pray Naked. I am not sure if that is the official title. It might be self-titled, but at the time the Christian Bookstore were all up in arms about the thought of Pray Naked. The title was an obvious reference to King David shedding his clothes out of contrition to God, but those Bookstores know what's best for us.

Roaming Writer said...

A cool artistic outlet. I think all churches might be that way but art isn't really nurtured or encouraged. So all those people must group together in the few churches that do encourage it.