Friday, March 03, 2006

Tired all the time

Since I've been working at Comprehensive, I've noticed that I am suffering from ADHD. Lately, when I try sitting down and talking with my client's and their parents, my mind is wondering all over the place. This isn't a good habit for someone who is trying to counsel someone.
I think this is because I am tired all the time. My job is a hourly rate which pays top dollar for my education level in the mental health field. Basically, I get paid for the hours I work. In order to keep my job, I need to bill 60% (26 hrs) of my time. However, I'm welcomed to bill as much as 40 hrs per week (no more since they would have to pay overtime). Since I get no paid vacations, I figure that I need to bill as much as I can. This is pushing me to keep working and is tiring me out. Plus there is so much driving that I do on top of all that.
So far, my supervisor has told me that I'm doing well, but is concerned that I might burn out too. She really doesn't want me doing any work at home (which I do so I can have more billable hours during the day). Even my client's are noticing that I'm tired all the time. One of them is offering me "energy" drinks every time I come over. I even started taking vitamin B pills (which is helping)
Getting up in the mornings is always a struggle. Even after a shower and several cups of coffee, I'm still tired. Back when I supervised CM's I told them that you can't take care of others unless you take care of yourself. Some how I need to find a way to do that


shakedust said...

"Getting up in the mornings is always a struggle."

I'll never disagree with that. It is all the worse when you feel like you are always working.

On an unrelated note, Golden and I joke about the fact that ADHD stands for ADH (Golden's initials) Disorder.

GoldenSunrise said...

Maybe you are going through caffeine withdrawals. I sleep better if I don't drink caffeine after lunchtime. Have you tried going to bed the same time Wah-Wah does? : )

forrest said...

How many hours are you working. If they don't want you to work more than 40? Maybe you should get a laptop to type your stuff during the day between visits.

Roaming Writer said...

Get the rest you need. Burn out won't help. You might check into your iron level too. I was tired for about 2 years and my doctor finally figured out it was not my iron (enemia) but my bone marrow iron (it begins with f...ferin levels??? or something) anyway...after six months of mega iron and a contining dose of daily iron I can stay awake like normal people,

windarkwingod said...

I also advise the iron pills. You need to find a quiet place... somewhere not too hot or not too cold.