Monday, December 05, 2005


I decided that this blog, I will dedicate to my son, Woogy and some of his accomplishments at 3. He is definitely seeking our attention more. He seems to want to be constantly entertained. I assume this is just an adjustment to Nibbles coming in the family. He has started playing "Star Wars" (something I use to do when I was a kid). He likes to challenge me with his lightsabers. I have to admit, that I like playing lightsabers more than Thomas or Bob the Builder.
If he doesn't want to play Star Wars, he wants to play on the PS2. Of course, he can't even load a game, but he loves to watch me play and share the controller. Don't worry, we are not playing anything rated "m". He also loves to play games on the computer, and this has taught him a little about the internet. He knows how to turn on the internet and click to his favorite site "Nick Jr" and can play almost any game on his own. Not bad for a three year old.
I think the most amazing thing is how much Spanish he knows. He can count to 15 in Spanish, knows all his colors, and can form complete sentences. I think a lot of this comes from watching "Dora" and "Deigo". It doesn't hurt, that his babysitter speaks Spanish around him. I think it is pretty cool that he knows more Spanish now, than I knew in college.
This is the first year that I think he is aware of Santa Claus. On Saturday, I took Woogy to go see the "Polar Express" in I Max and 3D. Even though the movie was geared for kids, I thought it was really cool. The 3D made the movie feel like virtual reality. The animation was spectacular. Woogy enjoyed the movie and began asking questions about Santa. I think Wah Wah is really looking forward to him in believing.
With Woogy knowing how to operate the internet and becoming fluent in Spanish, it's amazing that he is not potty trained. He is aware of what the potty is for, and we have offered him every incentive we can think of, but it doesn't help. He'll be 4 in another six month's, so I'm starting to get a little worried.


shakedust said...

He may be trying to go straight from Huggies to Depends. That may not be a bad idea. It's a hassle finding a bathroom when you are in a hurry.

forrest said...

You got to get him trained. Vernal pointed out last night as she was going thru our spending habits since July how much money Goose has saved us now that he doesn't wear diapers.

GoldenSunrise said...

Sounds like Woogy is learning a lot.

About the potty, Sometimes it's cold to sit on. I can understand not wanting to use it. I should invent a potty warmer. There are baby wipes warmers, why not potty warmers?

forrest said...

We boys don't always sit on the potty.

T said...

Sounds like Woogy is doing great! Potty Training is the worst (in my opinion.) I tried to get my mom to take my kids for a couple weeks and train them for me, she refused. What a great grandma!